My machines

The day I sought to remove my own taste from my music, I built theses machines. I admit I like to build impossibly complex machine that generates music. Truly, I am furiously working on that. I have completely stopped buying musical stuff to concentrate only on programming. The seed was planted with my frustration with live loopers. I built dozens of them in Max Msp . The thing is I had plenty of time since I like create and listen to weird music, which isn’t socially compatible.

Preprogrammed live looping is part of the deal in theses tracks but most of it is made by a crazy AI being a ghost of me during one night.


More sounds and video

Lyon Loop Jubilee 2014 was a fantastic evening. Look a all these wonderful looping machines :

Lyon Loop Jubilee 2014
Lyon Loop Jubilee 2014

Here’s a short extract of my live performance :

For those asking “WTF!!?”, it’s only guitar live recorded with “Echoloop” (VST looper) and mashed with a modified MAX/MSP patch based on MLR (Created by Brian Crabtree).

Apart from this, I love to play and sing folk music…

If you want to listen to more glitchy guitar live looping, please download my new solo album entirely recorded with the same setup.


It was during a cold december night. My old trusty MS-20 was looking at me from its dark case. Feeling vaguely guilty, I powered it up, plugged a few cable and added my looping rig output in the *External signal Processor*. And then, from its old circuitry, the beautiful analog beast added its voice to my mashed up guitar sound. Five hours later, I had a few nice improvised tunes that I decided to release one day. That day has come.

PS : KO eventually became a new Keiko Tsuda tune that will be released very soon !

Glitchy live looooooooping for sample minds